By Steve McClain

Mission Revitalize the World... Our 1st International Project!

In our mission to revitalize the world, we have found our first international revitalization project; Providing computers to an elementary school in Tulipe, Ecuador.

Tulipe, Ecuador is a small village located in the Andean highlands. This region is known for its coffee growing and is home to many small coffee farms. The climate and altitude create the perfect conditions for growing high-quality coffee. In fact, Ecuador is the 19th largest coffee producing country in the world!
But Tulipe is more than just a coffee growing region. It's a vibrant community with a rich culture and history. The village is known for its pre-Columbian archeological ruins, including pyramids and temples. It's also home to the Tulipe-Minde Ecological Reserve, which contains a variety of plant and animal species.

However, despite the beauty and culture of Tulipe, the education system is lacking. The elementary school in the village consists of a small hut and a concrete pad. The children there are eager to learn, but they lack the resources necessary to succeed.  That's where RocketCupCoffee comes in. We believe that education is a crucial part of revitalization. By providing computers to the elementary school in Tulipe, we hope to give the children there the tools they need to succeed. We believe that every child should have access to a quality education, regardless of where they live.

Our mission at RocketCupCoffee is to make a positive impact on the world. We're passionate about coffee, but we're even more passionate about using our business to create change. By supporting initiatives like this one in Tulipe, we're working towards a brighter future for everyone. Thank you for joining us on this journey

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