We make life more vibrant.

RocketCup Coffee is meticulously crafted and roasted in small batches, creating a truly delicious, premium product. But, for us it isn’t just about coffee. It’s about innovation and fueling your community. We aim to make an impact by supporting people to lead projects that revitalize their community.

Our core values fuel our business.

  • Community first.

    Strong communities flourish. We are holistic—instead of worrying about one person, we focus on the community. Our coffee serves to connect people. Through our production, products, cafe, and revitalization projects, we always put community first.

  • Fully committed.

    We take the time to make coffee right. Our travels, process, sourcing, and production speak for themselves. We are 100% dedicated to the craft of making great coffee, and the pursuit of helping others.

  • We mean what we say and do.

    We are true to our values and the people around us, working and acting with the highest of integrity. Not only do we want to make the world a better place, but we are honest and authentic in doing so.

  • Bold innovation.

    We are here to bring new energy and inspiration to your day (and your community!). Whether it be through a cup of coffee with a friend, or a revitalization project, our innovative resourcefulness inspires action, builds strong connections, and fuels communities. We are innovative and creative in our approach to coffee.

Our Coffee

Over the past decade we've travelled the world looking to understand what makes an amazing coffee and how to find it. Coffee is a lot like wine. Each coffee bean comes from a coffee tree on a specific farm. The varietal of coffee, the soil and climate the plant grows in, and how its harvested and processed each have a profound effect on the flavor of the coffee. At every stage of the process there is an opportunity to really care. The best coffee is when those who are working at each stage of the process... are fully committed to creating the best possible tasting bean from that coffee plant. The top graded coffees in the world are labeled as specialty coffee and we are commited to focusing on these highly rated beans. Each person in the supply chain is fully commited to delivering to a significantly higher than average standard. We focus strictly on this specialty coffee that gives you an exceptional quality coffee that has a depth of flavors that you demand and deserve. In our blended coffee we're taking a mix of specialty coffees to create the best possible cup for any time you drink it.

Our People

Revitalizing is our passion and curating great tasting coffee from all over the world is our mission. Our team is full of caring souls that love people and their communities. Coffee fuels our purpose to revitalize the world!